Friday, 15 August 2014

Summery strappy sorbetto

Once upon a time I got obsessed with watching America's next top model. (Obviously my tastes have much improved by now... cough...) One the things that stuck with me is the tagline the models had to say each season when shooting an advert for Covergirl (Some sort of makeup company); they'd stare at an auto-prompter and stumble mechanically over the phrase "Easy, breezy, beautiful".

Now I don't claim to know a lot about modelling (see pictures below) and I really don't know anything about makeup, but I do know sundresses and if those three words were to describe the perfect summer dress then I'd say this one comes pretty close!
What? You mean you don't wear boots and odd socks with sundresses?!

Step one: Easy
No zips, no buttons. I slip this over my head and I'm out the door. I didn't even add the elastic waist I was going to so all of the shape is from my trusty belt.
Step two: Breezy
This dress is definitely breezy! It's a nice loose shape so it doesn't cling and get all sticky in the sun. Plus the hem catches the breeze and swishes as you walk, so it gets bonus points for making me feel like a princess.
Step three: Beautiful
Well, I'll leave this one up to the eye of the beholder but it has navy polka dots so it's awesome in my book!

This is actually my 3rd Sorbetto (4th if you count the toile which I still wear despite the fact that the straps are held on with pins...). I've yet to actually make one up without some sort of alteration but this is definitely the most bastardised. I'm working on a tutorial for you but I pretty much hacked off the shoulders and redrew the neckline then extended the hem until it was dress length.

This is was really lightweight cotton, although it's surprisingly opaque, so all the seams are french,but some of them ended up a little puckery and I'm not sure why...  I also tried my hand at putting in-seam pockets into my french seams using this tutorial. Just looking at the tutorial gave me a headache but I'm so glad I went through with it because I always regret not putting pockets in skirts and they make me so happy every time I out my hands in them!
Hands in pockets

I'm obsessed with rolled hems right now, (they're just so tiny and cute!) so there's one on this dress. I usually hem things a little shorter than this so I'm not sure how I feel about the length. Longer is definitely better for keeping you cool and covered in the summer, but sometimes I think the length plus print plus volume of fabric swallows me up.
The skirt's not uneven, it's just my phone weighing the pocket down. Promise!

 I bound the neckline/made the straps with self-made bias-binding. This was my first time using bias binding on the outside of a garment (I used it once to bind seam allowances where it hid from the world in shame) but I was surprised at how easy it was. My topstitching is definitely not great in places but it's not really noticeable, plus I think the spaghetti straps make it look a lot less handmade, if you know what I mean. I've started calling this dress my Sorbetti (Sorbetto + Spaghetti) because I like the straps so much!

And just for you here's a bonus twirling picture. Twirly dresses are the best!

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