Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Salme Silvia Saga AKA This girl is on fiiiirrrreeeee

Sometimes you need some time to decompress after a project, to relax and let it out of your mind for a while. My Salme Silvia is definitely one of those projects, I spent so long thinking about how to make it work that once it was done I had to set it down and forget about it for a while. (That's why I finished it in June but it's only being blogged now... well that and I procrastinate..)
Gesticulating wildly

This is the Silvia dress from Salme patterns and I was really surprised to find that, pretty much, no one on the internet had sewn it,(and you know if it's not on  the internet that means it never happened!!) which I don't understand as it's a drop dead gorgeous dress and it's actually a really quick make too. Winner!

I was gifted the Silvia last Christmas (After some ...subtle... hinting) but I didn't actually start sewing the dress until March when I made my toile. I read on the internet that Salme patterns run large, especially in the back, but since the UK size 10 was had all my measurements (36" Bust, 28" waist- This NEVER happens I always span several sizes) I decided to go for it. I figured I could always size down if I needed to. I made up my toile and the front fit perfectly but it gaped a but at the back so I pinched out the excess, altered my pattern and moved onto the real deal.

This is where things get wacky. For the real thing I used a random, super drapey, black patterned polyester that I found a meter of in a charity shop for £1.95. As it was so light I underlined it with black cotton and it was lined with black polyester satin left over from a different project. I sewed up the dress and went to try it on. Hopefully you see where I'm going with this: The dress was too small!! It fit snugly around the waist and was out by 10cm at the bust!!

It turns out my toile fabric (Black velvet left over from another project- Don't ask.) had a lot of give in it and I hadn't exactly been precise when cutting it out so my toile so it didn't reflect the true sizing of the pattern at all!

So back to the drawing board I went and two toiles later I had achieved an accurate, and awesome, fit for Silvia. Since I had to pinch out extra fabric in the original toile to account fot the stretch it turns out that the size  8 actually fit really well straight out of the tin! I just shaved a little off the back, especially at the waist, and took a dart out of the front neckline and I was done.

Once I'd sorted out the fit I went back to my black polyester and unpicked and re-cut the back pieces (NOT FUN) Putting the dress back together was a breeze as I'd already done it once. I also made a few alterations like swapping out the skirt for a gathered rectangle, setting the straps farther apart so they cover my bra straps and sewing the neckline facing on the outside (I thought it would be a cool design feature but it kind of gets lost in the print)

So why is this dress called "This girl is on fiiiiiirrrrrreeee"? It's mainly because this dress makes me feel hot!! Like bombshell hot! Which isn't a regular occurrence for a dress. It is totally my style and it suits soooo many occasions; I wore it to open days, I wore it to college, I wore it on  my birthday. Pulling this dress on just makes me feel awesome and that's a pretty awesome super power for a dress to have.

... However, there is more to the name... You see, since this dress makes me feel so awesome I decided to wear it to a party. An outdoor party. A party with a fire, which we all huddled around once night drew in. A fire that spit sparks out onto the crowd. A crowd which contained a girl wearing a handmade dress made entirely of  very flammable polyester. You can see where this is going right...? This  girl caught fiiiiirrrrreeee!!!
Actually, to be fair, only the lining caught fire. A spark flew out the fire and when straight down inside my dress burning a hole in the lining on my stomach. Mass panic ensued but miraculously both my stomach and the outside of my dress were fine.
Melted lining hole!

The dark, creepy side of my brain thinks that sewing this dress was sort of like making a deal with the devil (Just go with it!) I made the deal and got a kick-ass dress but it came with a hellish fitting sequence and was then almost burned alive... Yeah, I guess you're right, that does sound a bit insane.

Anywho, now that I've sorted out Silvia's fit I have a million different ideas of how to use it. SO this won't be the last you see of Silvia this summer...Mwahahahahaha!!

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