Sunday, 11 May 2014

MMM14: 5th-11th

Another week of Me-Made-MAy over and done with. It's actually quite fun and easy once you get into the swing of things... Plus it's forcing me to wear actual clothes at weekends, which is probably a good thing...

Mon. 5th:
The sun came out on the bank holiday and for a while it was shorts weather!
Top: Me-made Hemlock
Shorts: Me-made cut-offs (Does chopping up a pair of your  mum's old Levis count as "making"...?)

Tues. 6th:
T'was a sunny day and I got some good mock results so I decided to play around with photo props. Isn't the rose gorgeous? Ok, lets talk about my skirt for a sec. Sure I didn't make it but it's definitely my best charity shop score ever! I mean black, floral gathered needlecord for £1.95= the best deal ever! The only thing is the label says it's for age 10 girls... So either I'm the size of a 10 year old, or there's some sort of mutant pre-tween girl conspiracy going on...
Shirt: Me-made Archer
Skirt: Cancer research
Red converse (I've had these since I was 12, I've beaten them up so badly over the years you could probably say I refashioned them!!)

Wed. 7th:
This is the first sorbetto I made.Cute story, it's actually made from the skirt of a dress I wore when I was about 11. I modified it to have a button band at the front, but the buttons are all sewn through both sides (Without buttonholes) so it doesn't actually open, if that makes sense. In other news, a while back, a finally got round to hemming my culottes.
Top: Me-made Sorbetto (Unblogged)
Skirt: Me-made culottes
Cardi: Primark (Bought yonks ago and I wear it pretty much every day)

Thurs. 8th:
So it rained on thursday. Like a LOT. As in I hadn't dried for my cycle ride into college in the morning by the time I had to get drenched again on the way home. On the one hand I had the foresight to take the photo before I got wet, on the other hand i didn't have the foresight to slip a spare pair of tights into my bag.
Top: Me-made Plantain (Unblogged)
Skirt: Me-made chambray gathered skirt (Unblogged)
Tights: H&M
Boots: I'm pretty sure they were gifted to me by fairies, how else could they be this perfect?

Fri. 9th:
Friday was my best friend's birthday so I made made brownies and slept round her house (watching TBBT and HIMYM and deciding what I'm going to sew as her present PLUS pavlova! Can't do much better than that) This outfit contains the two comfiest things I own. The top is hands down the softest brushed double-knit jersey in existence and it makes me feel like a teddy bear! The skirt was made from a mens' polo shirt... trust me, a baby's bottom's got nothing on this outfit!!
Top: Me-made Plantain (unblogged)
Skirt: Me-Made gathered skirt

Sat. 10th:
Saturday was full of promise, aspirations and good intentions. Instead I took a power nap. Seemed like a good idea at the time. In other news the weather was alternating between summer and cyclone, so it was a definite shorts and tights day.
Top: Me-made tee (Back in my bleach painting days I printed a horcrux symbol onto this primark tee cough-not a nerd-cough)
Shorts: Me-made shorts (Unblogged- made by rubbing off a pair of my mum's old shorts, this is actually the 3rd pair I've made)
Tights: Tesco

Sun. 11th:
Definitely a stay in bed type of day and luckily (or unluckily!) it's revision season so stay in bed I did... but with a couple of hefty text books ruining the snuggliness. Also this is what happens when my mum takes the photos... sigh... I guess tripods just aren't natural comedians...
Top: H&M
Shorts: Me-made
Tights: Tesco

Fortune cookie says: Next week's going to be an interesting one in terms of school. It'll also be the point when your Me-made wardrobe will start to stretch itself quite thin and the repeats will start.

You know what fortune cookie? I think you might be right!
Over and out.

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