Sunday, 4 May 2014

MMM14: 1st-4th

Me-Made-May!! I loved watching MMM13  last year and dreamt of a day when I would have wardrobe filled with enough Me-made clothes to last me for a month. A year later and I'm still dreaming off that wardrobe but screw it! I'm doing MMM14 anyway! Let's bring on the awkward daily photos in the first of my MMM14 weekly round ups.

Thurs. 1st:
Not much doing today, just college and revision. The weather is having major mood swings right now though, I started off in sunshine and knee socks and ended with tight and alternating drizzle and downpours. (Ps. Ignore the random crud! Theoretically my photography skills should improve throughout the month, right? Right?!)
Top: Me-made raglan t-shirt
Skirt: American apparel (veeery old and still my favourite )
What am I looking at...?

Fri. 2nd:
Multiple mock exams and a helluva lot of chocolate.
Top: Me-made Plantain
Skirt: Me-made gathered skirt

Sat. 3rd:
History revision, a trip to the fabric shop with my best friend, so we could decide what I'm going to make for her birthday, then more revision. I also oiled my machine; it's been sounding decidedly squeaky lately.
Top: Me-made vest (I printed song lyrics from one of my favourite songs by Pomplamoose (Don't stop it's the remedy for your achin' heart) onto it)
Culottes: Me-made
Cardi: Primark (Yeeears ago)
Batman converse!
Sneaky bicycle

Sun. 4th
Sewing up a second Sorbetto about 6 months after my first. Plus you totally can't tell from the picture but it was so hot and sunny I tanned whilst eating breakfast outside... but only on one arm... awkward.
Dress: Me-made
Shirt: Me-made Knit Archer (SO excited to tell you about this!)

Yay, first four days of Me-made May accomplished! Now to enjoy the bank holiday!

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