Monday, 19 May 2014

MMM14: 12th-18th

Another week of Me-Made-May completed. I'm definitely getting over this daily picture thing, plus it's suddenly gotten scorching hot which is putting a strain on my me-made wardrobe.

Mon. 12th
My first day of study leave. The skirt was made on a whim on Sunday night when I needed a low fuss knit project to help me relax. It's a black interlock, and seriously shiny and synthetic. I got 100x90cm at a charity shop for 50p so I decided to use it as a test to recreate my favourite RTW skirt. That way if it failed I wouldn't be too heart-broken at the loss.It actually turned out really great (helped by the fact that I cut out the pieces a few weeks back) and my first time gathering knits with clear elastic was a success. The detail I really like (although you can't see it because of the belt) is the plain waistband at the front and elastic around the back, which makes it super easy to put on and makes it feel more sturdy.
Top: Me-made bleach painted tee (Terry Pratchett fans will know the meaning of "I atent dead")
Skirt: Me-made knit gathered skirt
Who knows what the hand is doing...?

Tues. 13th
"But it's the 13th! Why are you holding up seven fingers?" You cry aghast.
Well lovelies, that is because the 13th was my first day of exams. 1 down, 7 to go.
Ps. I hemmed my culottes!!
Top: H&M
Culottes: Me-made

Wed. 14th
Urgh! Two exams on the hottest day of the year left me brain dead. Comfy clothes imperative!
Dress: Me-made Plantain skater dress
Cardi: Asos via Save the children (£2!!)

Thurs. 15th
No exams woop!! Plus it was a scorcher. Three cheers for revision in the sunshine!
Top: Me-made sorbetto (Unblogged)
Shorts: Cut-offs

Fri. 16th
Back to the exam hall. This is one of the dresses people bought/gave me when it looked like my prom dress was never going to become reality. My mum bought it at a charity shop, but it was 2 sizes to big. I ended up finishing my prom dress on time but I still took it in and it's now one of my favourite dresses. As a celebration of getting half way through my exams I bought boots!! (I was going to buy books but boots are a close second!)
Dress: Me-refashioned (Unblogged)
Boots: NEW!!! Arthur rank hospice

Sat. 17th
Camping in the sunshine! I took a mangled, half-finished sorbetto with me to get a head start on some unpicking. Yup, life of the party, that's me! This skirt started as a maxi skirt (Monsoon via Save the children), then I turned it into a shirt-dress, then a strappy-sun dress, now it's just a skirt. I'm kinda bummed that I put in all that work and all I ended up with was a shorter skirt, but oh well, atleast it's a very cute skirt.(Ps. Yes I am the type of girl that goes camping in a skirt)
Top: Me-made bleach painted tee from my TAA meeting :P (Tea Addicts Anonymous... guess it's not so anonymous if you wear the t-shirt...oops)
Skirt: Me-made (Unblogged)
Black converse (So old it's almost funny)

Sun. 18th
Back home and working on my 2nd pair of culottes (Hanging next to me as a type) Oh, and that sleeveless hemlock I wasn't so keen on is officially my new lifesaver in this new found summer!
Top: Me-made Hemlock
Skirt: American Apparel (Veeeeery old)
Pumps: New look

Now off to enjoy the sunshine... cough... I mean revise...
Ps. You know you want to see my new boots...

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