Thursday, 1 May 2014


I've been sitting on these hemlocks for months now (Not literally, that would be weird... Why? Do you habitually sit on your clothes...? ...No course not! Weirdo!) and for once it wasn't even for lack of pictures, I just forgot.

I've had a strange inverse relationship with my hemlocks. The first I hated as soon as I made it (as in tried it on then threw it on the ground in disgust!) but now I love it! The second I LOVED as soon as I made it (as in ran around the house wearing it when it was just pinned together...ouch!) but now it's just a bit "meh"

Hemlock the first:
I actually hacked apart the Hemlock pattern before I cut my fabric, slimming down and tapering the sides and sleeves and extending the sleeves using the hiiiiighly scientific method of laying an existing tee ontop and eyeballing it. It's not my usual MO to go around hacking up my actual pattern pieces, I'm a tape'n'trace type of gal, and there's good reason for that! I was caught up on the top being overly slouchy that I took a little too much off the sides. Now it's stuck in limbo between being fitted with a LOT of ease and unfitted with not much ease. Oh well lesson learnt, I should probably just print out another and make it up as God Jen intended.
Always match your top to your tights kids.

The redeeming feature is the fabric, a jersey infinity scarf! I am OBSESSED with them, I got mine from Primark for £3, and I may have gone back and bought them in green and grey too. The quality's not great (Quite a lot of piling ) but the colour is so pretty, plus it's super soft and surprisingly warm.I was worried as I'd never sewn a tissue knit before but  it actually sewed together seamlessly! (Pun always intended!)

The mid-yawn pose is a favourite amongst up and coming models don't you know!
The skirt is me-made too. I refashioned it from a men's polo shirt from Oxfam (£5). It's one of the quickest skirts I've ever made and the slight stretch in the pique jersey makes it super comfy! I kept the side slits from the original shirt, I think they're cute.

Hemlock the second:
Le deuxieme Hemlock was made from a sheer grey knit I got from John Lewis in a half price sale.I wish I could say I did this fabric justice because it's so gorgeous, but for some reason I'm just underwhelmed. I partially learnt from my first mistake and cut this one slimmed down, but not tapered in at the waist, which the first one was. It's definitely closer to how I'm envisioning my perfect slouchy top, but not close enough. I think it's the sleeves. The weather was hotting up so a sleeveless top seemed fitting (Pun!) but taking the width out of the sides means the arms don't flop down as I'd hoped and look a tad awkward. I have enough fabric to make sleeves so I might cut them out and see if they make a difference.

Again the skirt is me made. It's a really cute black floral print viscose I found in a remnants bin. Funny story I pretty much finished the hem whilst pulling it on, on the way out the door for a trip to London. I'd rushed so much to get it done in time for the trip that I basically had to resew it when I came back, but that didn't stop me wearing it non-stop for 3 days before I came home!
This face crops up alot in my outtakes, I'm now paranoid about how much I make it in real life...
PS. I forgot to say I signed up for Me-Made-May!! Here's my pledge:

I, Cammie of Fledglings first, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '14. I endeavour to wear atleast one Me-made/refashioned/customised item of clothing each day for the duration of May 2014'

I already wear something me-made pretty much every day but I think it'll be interesting to actually look at what items and silhouettes get worn the most over a month (I spy wardrobe planning) Plus it might actually force me to become photographically literate as I plan on doing weekly round ups here. (Don't hold your breathe though, strict guidelines are not my forte...)

PPS. This little duck charm I made as part of my Creative design GCSE totally counts as my one me-made thing per day, right? :P

Au revoire mes amies and PINCH PUNCH FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH!

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