Tuesday, 27 May 2014

MMM14: 19th-25th

Not much to say this week so onto the photo-overload:

Mon. 19th:
At this point the beginning of the week is sort of a blur, but I'm pretty sure revision was involved.  I made this t-shirt for days when I can't be asked to do my hair... it probably gets worn more than it should.
Top: Me-made back in my screen printing days of yesteryear.
Dress: Me-made

Tues. 20th:
Desperately trying to shove historical dates into my brain, but atleast it was sunny. These are my second pair of culottes, with (Hopefully) a bit more of a summery feel. At this point they still aren't hemmed as I was (and still am) completely out of black thread.
Top: David and Goliath
Culottes: Me-made (Unblogged)
Pumps: New look

Wed. 21st:
One and a half hours of Economics exams immediately followed by one and a half hours of Classics exams. No breaks. Physical and mental exhaustion ensued. The jumper is the bodice of a ponte skater dress I never finished last year because I had some issues with the sleeves. Eventually, I made I decided just to make the dress-skirt into a skirt and abandon the bodice, but this post inspired me to digit out, fix the sleeves and use it as a jumper. (PS. In this outfit I feel like an elf!)
Jumper: Me-made (Unblogged)
Dress: TK Maxx
Knee socks: H&M
Boots: Arthur rank hospice
I don't even know what face I'm pulling here

Thurs. 22nd:
My last exam for almost two weeks! I busted out comfy knits for the occasion...mmmm... neutrals...
Top: Me-made Plantain (Unblogged)
Skirt: Me-made knit gathered skirt (Unblogged)
Knee socks: H&M
Pumps: New Look

Fri. 23rd:
Friday was the first day when I had absolutely no clue how to incorporate Me-made's into my outfit. So I just tied a Hemlock ontop of a dress I borrowed from my best friend and called it good.
Top: Me-made Hemlock
Dress: Borrowed
Knee socks: H&M
Pumps: New Look

Sat. 24th:
On Saturday for the first time since August 2013 I felt the urge to wear jeans. I don't know what came over me, my monogamous relationship with skirts and dresses is now under some serious strain. In other news I had my passport photos taken, now my Plantain will be carried around around the world with me for the next 10 years! Yay!
Top: Me-made Plantain (Unblogged)
Jeans: Topshop

Sun. 25th:
A comfy sewing day in one of my favourite me-made tops. I swear downloading the Plantain pattern was the best decision I have ever made.
Top: Me-made Plantain (Unblogged)
Skirt: American apparel

Now onto the final week of Me-Made-May! I can't believe I made it this far!

Monday, 19 May 2014

MMM14: 12th-18th

Another week of Me-Made-May completed. I'm definitely getting over this daily picture thing, plus it's suddenly gotten scorching hot which is putting a strain on my me-made wardrobe.

Mon. 12th
My first day of study leave. The skirt was made on a whim on Sunday night when I needed a low fuss knit project to help me relax. It's a black interlock, and seriously shiny and synthetic. I got 100x90cm at a charity shop for 50p so I decided to use it as a test to recreate my favourite RTW skirt. That way if it failed I wouldn't be too heart-broken at the loss.It actually turned out really great (helped by the fact that I cut out the pieces a few weeks back) and my first time gathering knits with clear elastic was a success. The detail I really like (although you can't see it because of the belt) is the plain waistband at the front and elastic around the back, which makes it super easy to put on and makes it feel more sturdy.
Top: Me-made bleach painted tee (Terry Pratchett fans will know the meaning of "I atent dead")
Skirt: Me-made knit gathered skirt
Who knows what the hand is doing...?

Tues. 13th
"But it's the 13th! Why are you holding up seven fingers?" You cry aghast.
Well lovelies, that is because the 13th was my first day of exams. 1 down, 7 to go.
Ps. I hemmed my culottes!!
Top: H&M
Culottes: Me-made

Wed. 14th
Urgh! Two exams on the hottest day of the year left me brain dead. Comfy clothes imperative!
Dress: Me-made Plantain skater dress
Cardi: Asos via Save the children (£2!!)

Thurs. 15th
No exams woop!! Plus it was a scorcher. Three cheers for revision in the sunshine!
Top: Me-made sorbetto (Unblogged)
Shorts: Cut-offs

Fri. 16th
Back to the exam hall. This is one of the dresses people bought/gave me when it looked like my prom dress was never going to become reality. My mum bought it at a charity shop, but it was 2 sizes to big. I ended up finishing my prom dress on time but I still took it in and it's now one of my favourite dresses. As a celebration of getting half way through my exams I bought boots!! (I was going to buy books but boots are a close second!)
Dress: Me-refashioned (Unblogged)
Boots: NEW!!! Arthur rank hospice

Sat. 17th
Camping in the sunshine! I took a mangled, half-finished sorbetto with me to get a head start on some unpicking. Yup, life of the party, that's me! This skirt started as a maxi skirt (Monsoon via Save the children), then I turned it into a shirt-dress, then a strappy-sun dress, now it's just a skirt. I'm kinda bummed that I put in all that work and all I ended up with was a shorter skirt, but oh well, atleast it's a very cute skirt.(Ps. Yes I am the type of girl that goes camping in a skirt)
Top: Me-made bleach painted tee from my TAA meeting :P (Tea Addicts Anonymous... guess it's not so anonymous if you wear the t-shirt...oops)
Skirt: Me-made (Unblogged)
Black converse (So old it's almost funny)

Sun. 18th
Back home and working on my 2nd pair of culottes (Hanging next to me as a type) Oh, and that sleeveless hemlock I wasn't so keen on is officially my new lifesaver in this new found summer!
Top: Me-made Hemlock
Skirt: American Apparel (Veeeeery old)
Pumps: New look

Now off to enjoy the sunshine... cough... I mean revise...
Ps. You know you want to see my new boots...

Sunday, 11 May 2014

MMM14: 5th-11th

Another week of Me-Made-MAy over and done with. It's actually quite fun and easy once you get into the swing of things... Plus it's forcing me to wear actual clothes at weekends, which is probably a good thing...

Mon. 5th:
The sun came out on the bank holiday and for a while it was shorts weather!
Top: Me-made Hemlock
Shorts: Me-made cut-offs (Does chopping up a pair of your  mum's old Levis count as "making"...?)

Tues. 6th:
T'was a sunny day and I got some good mock results so I decided to play around with photo props. Isn't the rose gorgeous? Ok, lets talk about my skirt for a sec. Sure I didn't make it but it's definitely my best charity shop score ever! I mean black, floral gathered needlecord for £1.95= the best deal ever! The only thing is the label says it's for age 10 girls... So either I'm the size of a 10 year old, or there's some sort of mutant pre-tween girl conspiracy going on...
Shirt: Me-made Archer
Skirt: Cancer research
Red converse (I've had these since I was 12, I've beaten them up so badly over the years you could probably say I refashioned them!!)

Wed. 7th:
This is the first sorbetto I made.Cute story, it's actually made from the skirt of a dress I wore when I was about 11. I modified it to have a button band at the front, but the buttons are all sewn through both sides (Without buttonholes) so it doesn't actually open, if that makes sense. In other news, a while back, a finally got round to hemming my culottes.
Top: Me-made Sorbetto (Unblogged)
Skirt: Me-made culottes
Cardi: Primark (Bought yonks ago and I wear it pretty much every day)

Thurs. 8th:
So it rained on thursday. Like a LOT. As in I hadn't dried for my cycle ride into college in the morning by the time I had to get drenched again on the way home. On the one hand I had the foresight to take the photo before I got wet, on the other hand i didn't have the foresight to slip a spare pair of tights into my bag.
Top: Me-made Plantain (Unblogged)
Skirt: Me-made chambray gathered skirt (Unblogged)
Tights: H&M
Boots: I'm pretty sure they were gifted to me by fairies, how else could they be this perfect?

Fri. 9th:
Friday was my best friend's birthday so I made made brownies and slept round her house (watching TBBT and HIMYM and deciding what I'm going to sew as her present PLUS pavlova! Can't do much better than that) This outfit contains the two comfiest things I own. The top is hands down the softest brushed double-knit jersey in existence and it makes me feel like a teddy bear! The skirt was made from a mens' polo shirt... trust me, a baby's bottom's got nothing on this outfit!!
Top: Me-made Plantain (unblogged)
Skirt: Me-Made gathered skirt

Sat. 10th:
Saturday was full of promise, aspirations and good intentions. Instead I took a power nap. Seemed like a good idea at the time. In other news the weather was alternating between summer and cyclone, so it was a definite shorts and tights day.
Top: Me-made tee (Back in my bleach painting days I printed a horcrux symbol onto this primark tee cough-not a nerd-cough)
Shorts: Me-made shorts (Unblogged- made by rubbing off a pair of my mum's old shorts, this is actually the 3rd pair I've made)
Tights: Tesco

Sun. 11th:
Definitely a stay in bed type of day and luckily (or unluckily!) it's revision season so stay in bed I did... but with a couple of hefty text books ruining the snuggliness. Also this is what happens when my mum takes the photos... sigh... I guess tripods just aren't natural comedians...
Top: H&M
Shorts: Me-made
Tights: Tesco

Fortune cookie says: Next week's going to be an interesting one in terms of school. It'll also be the point when your Me-made wardrobe will start to stretch itself quite thin and the repeats will start.

You know what fortune cookie? I think you might be right!
Over and out.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Knit archer

There's no two ways about it, this shirt is the only reason I wanted the Archer pattern. Sure, later I was wooed by visions of cozy plaid flannel and flowy sleeveless chiffon, but the first thing I thought of when I saw the pattern was knits! Because, lets face it, if you're anything like me the only thing you want to reach for every morning is soft slouchy t-shirts or cozy flannel button ups... and this is both!

I made this up a couple of days after my first Archer and it was sinfully easy. I cut the exact same size and sewed it up the exact same way, even using a contrast knit for the inner yoke, the only change I made was to sew it up with a ball-point needle and a small zig-zag stitch.

Remember that Hemlock I showed you last week made from a Primark infinity scarf? Well, this shirt is made with the other scarf I bought, and I have another in green lined up to be another shirt.Due to the scarf being quite narrow I had to cut the back in two pieces, but I managed to get the whole shirt out of one scarf which I was pretty pleased with.

This shirt epitomises why I sew more knits than woven, because everything I had issues with on my first Archer worked out perfectly. My sleeve-heads are smooth, my ziz-zag topstiching melts into the fabric and it came together within hours. The only thing is I haven't decided what buttons to put on it so it doesn't close. Instead I've been tying it on top of dresses and it's now my go to cardigan.

The only thing I would change is the interfacing. I used a medium-weight fusible interfacing and it worked fine but it was a little too heavy for the tissue knit so the collar sits up a little awkwardly. I think next time I'll try a knit interfacing and see if that makes a difference.

Oh, I almost forgot! This is a lesson on why you should always check your iron temperature! (Especially when working with highly synthetic fabrics!) Luckily I always wear my hair on my right side so it covers the hole, but I should really do something about that...

MMM14: 1st-4th

Me-Made-May!! I loved watching MMM13  last year and dreamt of a day when I would have wardrobe filled with enough Me-made clothes to last me for a month. A year later and I'm still dreaming off that wardrobe but screw it! I'm doing MMM14 anyway! Let's bring on the awkward daily photos in the first of my MMM14 weekly round ups.

Thurs. 1st:
Not much doing today, just college and revision. The weather is having major mood swings right now though, I started off in sunshine and knee socks and ended with tight and alternating drizzle and downpours. (Ps. Ignore the random crud! Theoretically my photography skills should improve throughout the month, right? Right?!)
Top: Me-made raglan t-shirt
Skirt: American apparel (veeery old and still my favourite )
What am I looking at...?

Fri. 2nd:
Multiple mock exams and a helluva lot of chocolate.
Top: Me-made Plantain
Skirt: Me-made gathered skirt

Sat. 3rd:
History revision, a trip to the fabric shop with my best friend, so we could decide what I'm going to make for her birthday, then more revision. I also oiled my machine; it's been sounding decidedly squeaky lately.
Top: Me-made vest (I printed song lyrics from one of my favourite songs by Pomplamoose (Don't stop it's the remedy for your achin' heart) onto it)
Culottes: Me-made
Cardi: Primark (Yeeears ago)
Batman converse!
Sneaky bicycle

Sun. 4th
Sewing up a second Sorbetto about 6 months after my first. Plus you totally can't tell from the picture but it was so hot and sunny I tanned whilst eating breakfast outside... but only on one arm... awkward.
Dress: Me-made
Shirt: Me-made Knit Archer (SO excited to tell you about this!)

Yay, first four days of Me-made May accomplished! Now to enjoy the bank holiday!

Thursday, 1 May 2014


I've been sitting on these hemlocks for months now (Not literally, that would be weird... Why? Do you habitually sit on your clothes...? ...No course not! Weirdo!) and for once it wasn't even for lack of pictures, I just forgot.

I've had a strange inverse relationship with my hemlocks. The first I hated as soon as I made it (as in tried it on then threw it on the ground in disgust!) but now I love it! The second I LOVED as soon as I made it (as in ran around the house wearing it when it was just pinned together...ouch!) but now it's just a bit "meh"

Hemlock the first:
I actually hacked apart the Hemlock pattern before I cut my fabric, slimming down and tapering the sides and sleeves and extending the sleeves using the hiiiiighly scientific method of laying an existing tee ontop and eyeballing it. It's not my usual MO to go around hacking up my actual pattern pieces, I'm a tape'n'trace type of gal, and there's good reason for that! I was caught up on the top being overly slouchy that I took a little too much off the sides. Now it's stuck in limbo between being fitted with a LOT of ease and unfitted with not much ease. Oh well lesson learnt, I should probably just print out another and make it up as God Jen intended.
Always match your top to your tights kids.

The redeeming feature is the fabric, a jersey infinity scarf! I am OBSESSED with them, I got mine from Primark for £3, and I may have gone back and bought them in green and grey too. The quality's not great (Quite a lot of piling ) but the colour is so pretty, plus it's super soft and surprisingly warm.I was worried as I'd never sewn a tissue knit before but  it actually sewed together seamlessly! (Pun always intended!)

The mid-yawn pose is a favourite amongst up and coming models don't you know!
The skirt is me-made too. I refashioned it from a men's polo shirt from Oxfam (£5). It's one of the quickest skirts I've ever made and the slight stretch in the pique jersey makes it super comfy! I kept the side slits from the original shirt, I think they're cute.

Hemlock the second:
Le deuxieme Hemlock was made from a sheer grey knit I got from John Lewis in a half price sale.I wish I could say I did this fabric justice because it's so gorgeous, but for some reason I'm just underwhelmed. I partially learnt from my first mistake and cut this one slimmed down, but not tapered in at the waist, which the first one was. It's definitely closer to how I'm envisioning my perfect slouchy top, but not close enough. I think it's the sleeves. The weather was hotting up so a sleeveless top seemed fitting (Pun!) but taking the width out of the sides means the arms don't flop down as I'd hoped and look a tad awkward. I have enough fabric to make sleeves so I might cut them out and see if they make a difference.

Again the skirt is me made. It's a really cute black floral print viscose I found in a remnants bin. Funny story I pretty much finished the hem whilst pulling it on, on the way out the door for a trip to London. I'd rushed so much to get it done in time for the trip that I basically had to resew it when I came back, but that didn't stop me wearing it non-stop for 3 days before I came home!
This face crops up alot in my outtakes, I'm now paranoid about how much I make it in real life...
PS. I forgot to say I signed up for Me-Made-May!! Here's my pledge:

I, Cammie of Fledglings first, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '14. I endeavour to wear atleast one Me-made/refashioned/customised item of clothing each day for the duration of May 2014'

I already wear something me-made pretty much every day but I think it'll be interesting to actually look at what items and silhouettes get worn the most over a month (I spy wardrobe planning) Plus it might actually force me to become photographically literate as I plan on doing weekly round ups here. (Don't hold your breathe though, strict guidelines are not my forte...)

PPS. This little duck charm I made as part of my Creative design GCSE totally counts as my one me-made thing per day, right? :P

Au revoire mes amies and PINCH PUNCH FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH!