Thursday, 20 March 2014

One sheet does Plenty

Have you ever seen that advert for kitchen roll? Let me jog your memory...

After I made my first Archer from a sheet I decided to investigate the bed linen scene because that is some serious yardage for your money! Lo and behold, I discovered something earth-shattering! Something so amazing and life-changing it can only be displayed in all capitals... Are you ready? JERSEY SHEETS!!!

I got this one for £7.50 in Tesco because I'm addicted to navy. Funny thing, my favourite colour is green but  sew navy almost exclusively... My obsession with navy fabric got so bad I had to ban myself from buying it, which lasted up until the point I bought 2 meters of dotty rayon challis, which I still haven't used despite the fact it is almost identical in weight and drape to the fabric I bought for my culottes.

Tangent aside, I decided to use the sheet to test out the Deer and Doe Plantain t-shirt because it's a mathematical fact that Free T-shirt + JERSEY SHEETS = Match made in heaven.
I used Katiekadiddlehopper's method for a t-shirt FBA, so I traced a size 36 based on my high bust (33") for all pieces, but graded out to  size 40 for the front bust. Easy as pie. Now, if they gave out Nobel prizes for sewing (Which they totally should!!) this method would win in a heart beat! It is seriously magic. There's no drag lines, no pulling, no weird folded fabric around the armpits... It's pure magic!

The Plantain itself is a seriously awesome pattern! Between the summer and the new year I bought absolutely no clothes, it wasn't so much a conscious decision, I just sewed enough that I didn't really need to. Then, in the depths of the January gloom, my unconscious shopping hiatus ended when I bought myself a plain long sleeve green t-shirt from H&M. It seems so strange to me that the one item of clothing that I've bought in the last 6-ish months is a plain t-shirt that I could have easily have made. That's why as soon as I put my Plantain on I felt so obscenelyroud. It's not because this was especially tricky to make but because I think there's something admirable about doing simple things well and now (clothing-wise) I'm pretty much self-sufficient. It's not like I have a lot of clothes but this is a top that goes with literally everything in my wardrobe and you can't tell because of my culottes but it skims beautifully and manages to be fitted yet loose. I won't question how, it might ruin the magic.

The only issue I has was easing in my neckline. I definitely had to fight to get it to fit, but after a quick press it looks great and doesn't gape at all! Win! I also sewed the neckband with a 3/8" SA not 5/8" as I was worried it was starting to look a little low... the extra 2/8" probably doesn't do that much modesty wise, but it makes me feel better!

So, after my success with my first Plantain I still had miles of JERSEY SHEETS left and since I was on a roll I decided to adapt the pattern to make a skater dress.

Essentially, I measured from my shoulder to waist and made that the length of the bodice. I used the 3/4 length sleeve option. I then cut out the 1/2 circle skirt by folding out the crotch/pleats from my culottes pattern, sticking the front and back pieces together so they made half of the skirt, then cutting that out twice.

My main issue was altering the plantain so I would be tight around the waist, as the original is quite loose and skimmy (lets just pretend that's a word). I pretty much just stood in front of a mirror  stabbing myself in the side with pins until it looked right. It wasn't scientific and it gave me a couple of awkward drag lines but it worked.

I made the dress the day after the t-shirt so it all came together with muscle memory in a matter of hours. I haven't hemmed it. Partly because it rolls so prettily, partly because I like the length it ended up.

So that's it folks. One sheet, two Plantains. The end.

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