Saturday, 22 February 2014

A whole culotte of love

Oh... well... fancy seeing you here... it's been a while... how have you been... oh...good... well, you look well, soo... (looks awkardly at feet)...Look I meant to call but school just got really busy and then Nigel (my fine four fender-ed sewing friend) died and there was no light for pictures... and well... time just sort of... yeah

Well now that's out of the way we can get back to the real reason we (and by that I mean I) are all here, so that I can show off my new culottes!!

I have to admit that for the vast majority of my life I had no idea that culottes existed, then tons of Tania culottes started cropping up and for some absurd reason i thought they were really impractical... super cute, but impractical. However, in true trend style (see what I did there...?) my like of culottes started to grow and suddenly I went from "Meh." to "I must have those short-skirty-thingys now!". It's a vicious cycle.
Sneaky scene change!

These gorgeous flowy things however are not Tanias, instead they were drafted using this genius method on Petit main sauvage. I have mixed feelings about drafting my own culottes when, if there hadn't been another option, eventually I would have bought the actual pattern... But since someone else used their own knowledge and ability to put the tutorial out there (for free) and I actually had to work (Gasp!) for these culottes I'm pretty sure I'm not ripping off an Indie designer. Right?
Catching the breeze
I'll admit that I was skeptical that this tutorial would work, not because I don't trust the method but because I've managed to screw up every circle skirt I've made and culottes are basically a half circle skirt with an...embellishment. Luckily the pattern came together like pure magic!! It was so quick and easy and the culottes fit perfectly, they flow and swish like a dream! Plus, now not only do I have a custom culottes pattern but if I fold out the pleat and crotch I have a half circle skirt. Double win.

This lovely swirly polka dotty fabric was an unidentifiable remnant from John Lewis, definitely a whole lot of synthetic but for £4.48 who could resist that navy goodness? Not me that's for sure! The piece was 112x160cm and after painstakingly tracing my first pattern piece I realised it was not going to fit. Necessity is the mother and all that so I re-traced all the pieces on the cross-grain instead. I know, SUCH a rebel! strangely when I let the culottes hang for 24 hours (more like 48... I may have gotten distracted with an Archer) they did not stretch out AT ALL... so was it the fabric or swapped grainlines? Curiouser and curiouser.

Final thing, I mentioned that Nigel my beautiful machine has died a death which was horrible but it means I'm back using my mum's Janome which I discovered can do an awesome Pineleaf stitch.(This is done with an Overedge foot and it's essentially serging without the nifty knife part) I am now OBSESSED with it and every seam was finished with it! (I haven't been his zealous since I discovered how easy french seams were) The culottes aren't actually hemmed right now, only Pineleafed because I figured I should probably practice doing a rolled hem before I try, in case I accidentally decimate my new favourite make...
Eeek!! They're actually shorts (Gasp.)

So that's it folks £4.48 culottes you can't really do better than that. They've already been tested in what was probably the nearest I will ever be to a hurricane (AKA not that much wind) and modesty was retained therefore they may be the most intelligent thing I've ever made. Who would have thought drapey polka dot polyester could be practical?! So now enjoy a hell of a lot of twirling shots... your welcome.

Ps. My top was also made by me, one of a few 3/4 raglan sleeve tees I made back in September in a really cool almost lace-like jersey. It's cute and the texture is really cool but I made it with a smidge too much negative ease, if you know what I mean.

Pps. I know what you're thinking about the title, but it's a week after Valentines Day and I saw a pun so I grabbed it, deal with it.

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