Sunday, 6 October 2013

Branching out

Sometimes I agonise over finding the right pattern for a fabric (or vice versa) for months letting it sit stewing in my mind until i'm COMPETELY convinced that I haven't made a horrible mistake. Other times I just shred  a pair of unworn shorts and throw the pieces towards the remnants of a winceyette skirt that never was. Sometimes the latter is  a hot mess and sometimes it's freaking awesome!!

The pattern for these shorts was made by unpicking a pair of shorts that I loved as a kid but haven't worn more recently because shorts for 13 year olds tend to be inappropriate for non-13 year olds and for some reason people don't think that patchwork aqua hawaiian print hot pants are appropriate for school (go figure!) I didn't change much from the original shorts other than adding abit of ease at the sides and length at the hem to downplay the obscenity!

The shorts came together surprisingly easily, although they sat for a week staring at me before I got up the courage to begin. I mainly guessed the order that they were supposed to go together in and I think it worked pretty well, although I'll make some changes next time I make them (and they will be made again!)

What makes these shorts is the fabric. The winceyette isn't exactly a traditional shorts fabric and it's definitely flimsy but it is sooooo soft! I've been lazing around in these non-stop since finished them because they are seriously the comfiest things I have EVER MADE!! Mmmm snuggly! The only problem is they pick up fluff like bitch.
The slash pockets are (in my opinion) pure awesomeness! Taking the extra few minutes to understitch made them sooo smooth and professional! (I mean haven't you heard the Paramore song "Understitching is your new best friend! Understitching is your new best friend!") I used the same gingham fabric as my gingham dress pockets, it's a never ending store from years back.

Now I know what you're thinking and the only work I can use to describe this zipper is atrocious!! After clawing at it a front fly for hours my attempts started getting worse not better. Eventually I admitted defeat at inserted a botched mash-up between an invisible and lapped zipper (at that point I didn't know which I was doing :/ ) To be honest I don't think it would be so bad if I hadn't used the same aqua zip from the original shorts, so if anyone asks the colour clash is a design feature!) The awkward zipper also means there's a slight gap between the two waistband pieces which I failed to fix with a shank button and a self-fabric loop. the only saviour is the cute silver ship button. Navy blue and nautical button just go together. It's irrefutable fact.

These shorts are BIG for me, not literally( ...duh. :P ), but because I have a VERY specific style, in sewing and in general. Let's face it I have the fitted bodice gathered skirt thing down and I go to SA (skirts anonymous every Friday) because (I'm not kidding) It's been almost 3 months since I last wore trousers! Anyways, this means that my sewing is mainly the same shape sewn in different fabrics so shorts are completely out there for me. Sewing this one pair of shorts has made my feel more accomplished than all of mu dirndl skirts combined (and I have a LOT of dirndl skirts!). It's safe to say that even with all my improvements and achievements lately I just assumed anything even slightly trouser related was utterly beyond my capabilities.... Now i'm game for anything! Skinny jeans here we go!!

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