Wednesday, 25 September 2013

We're of to see the wizard...

Gimme an M, gimme an I, gimme an L, gimme an E, gimme an S, gimme a T, gimme an O, gimme an N, gimme an E... What does it spell? MILESTONE! Yaaaay!

Today marks the first time in my entire life that I've completed a garment from a pattern!! EEEEK!! Now technically this dress doesn't even slightly resemble the pattern I used, but why split hairs right? The original dress was a basic be-sleeved (Sleeved?) princess seamed dress, with a slightly flippy skirt. Waist definition? No. Full skirt? No. Princess seams? YES! So I hacked off the dress at my waist, cut off the sleeves and neckline and free-styled the back, straps and sweetheart.

The whole pattern decimation thing ended up with a couple of minor (major) fitting issues up top... especially considering that the pattern (which i stole from the top of my grandma's pattern stash) is a simplicity Miss Petite... and I am not petite) but I fixed that by adding in more fabric then pinning out the excess. (like a pro! :P )

Now onto the best design feature EVER!  The hook and eye corset front. As soon as I saw this textured gingham I knew I wanted to recreate this dress I saw on Katie from Skunkboy Creatures, which meant hook and eyes. I've never (successfully) used them before so I mainly improvised, handsewing them onto the front of the dress and then sandwiching them inbetween two layers of fabric... Those suckers aren't coming out, plus there's a back panel behind it meaning they don't actually open (so i'm not coming out either!)

In seam pockets y'all! I was surprised at how easy these were, although when I do them again I'll make them a smidge bigger. The fabric is from my stash because one type of gingham is not enough!

And can we just take a moment to appreciate the AWESOME pattern matching at the back? AND a lapped zipper (my first ever!) just so you know.

Overall, I'm over the moon about this dress! It's been a while since I made an actual dress and I've been making lots of simple basics (some bloggable some not) so was nice to know that this didn't actually take too long and wasn't majorly difficult! Plus  know have 3 sewing goals out the way: Patterns, Princess seams, darts and inseam pockets!

Just for the record here's the pattern I used and my inspiration dress.
Asos summer dress in gingham check
Simplicity Miss Petite 8887

Ps. I know also know what i'm wearing for Halloween!! :P

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