Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tuesday Tunes-day:

There is absolutely nothing that links these songs except the fact that they've been buzzing around my head for the last few days...

Mal Blum- Brooklyn
Mal's website has a music player that starts playing her songs whether you want it to or not as soon as you enter it and the first time I went on her website the song that started playing so completely described my feeling that I feel in love with her completely. Her albums are like the diary I never wrote... but better, because let's face it diaries suck! My friend once described her sound as "cool but a bit too hipster" and I get that her less "cookie cutter" sound might not appeal to everyone but the differance between Mal and every other indie artist out their is that she is completely genuine. This is from her latest album Tempest in aTeacup and it's one of the rockier songs...

Sara Bareilles- Hercules
I've loved Sara ever since I woke up one morning and had to search Google for "that girl with the weird name who's song that I saw on MTV a few years ago is now stuck in my head". I've always thought Sara's lyrics were a lot more poetic than most singers, plus she can hold a note like you wouldn't believe so... This song is from her latest album The Blessed Unrest, it's quite different from her other albums as with each album she evolves and grows.

The Moldy Peaches- Downloading porn with Davo
If you've ever watched Juno then you probably know the Moldy Peaches, even if you don't think you do. I don't normally like this song that much but it's currently locked in mind. Plus it's hilarious.

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