Thursday, 5 September 2013

Bow ties are cool

Let me tell you about my faaavourite thing to do ever: T-shirt making!! I started making t-shirts almost exactly a year ago and because I loved the design process so much I fell back into sewing. Yay! Over the year I've experimented with bleach painting, stamps, stencils and continuous patterns (Plus I REALLY want to get into screen printing!!) but I always come back to freezer paper. It quick, it's easy, it doesn't take any specialist equipment (just fabric paint, a Stanley knife and the actual freezer paper) PLUS I can do it on my bed! SCORE! I'm a real graphic t-shirt nerd too so it works out really well as all I have is write evenly, no drawing skills required! (The only real problem is that they're a one time deal, so you can't do multiples)

That brings me to today's project:  A birthday present for my friend... (Luckily by now all my friends accept that they'll get handmade t-shirts as presents for all eternity) I know that my friend loves the geeky t-shirts they sell at Topshop... (What can I say, she does triple science...)

And here
She also LOVES Dr Who... we actually did a 24hour Matt Smith Dr Who marathon which works out as every episode with Rory and Amy!! (Possibly the best and most insane 24 hours of my life and I didn't fall asleep unlike some people...) So this is what I came up with...

To keep it scientifically correct I had to skip L and E, but the rest are all real elements (Boron, Tungsten, Titanium, Einsteinium (Hehehe), Argon, Carbon and Oxygen)

I leave you with this... All together now "There's Antimony, Arsenic, Aluminium, Selenium..."

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