Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Well fancy seeing you here...

Well hi there! Fancy seeing you here in this convenient little corner of the internet I just set up. Why don't you stick around a while, i'll put the kettle on and we can talk all about out crafting exploits...sound like a plan?

Well, straight off the bat I have to tell you that I was supposed to set up this blog MONTHS ago to document my attempt to make my prom dress, mainly to force myself to actually go through with the idea. (Because if it's out on the internet then that makes it real...right?!) However, months went by sans blog  and I kind of gave up on the idea, "I mean. a girl with a clinical deficiency in self-motivation keeping to a blog schedule... Don't make me laugh!". THEN one day I realised that not only did I have a gorgeous hand-made prom dress in front of me but atleast half a wardrobe full of clothes I'd made myself. Suddenly I couldn't keep this to my self, so I decided to document it and the blog idea was reborn! Yay! :)

The name Fledglings First has no real meaning, it's just something cute my Grampa says before he offers he the last slice of cake or doughnut, so I, atleast, think it seems sweet and strangely fitting. (Plus I ADORE alliteration!!... Geddit?!)

That's the end of what was supposed to be a brief "Hello"...Hmmm perhaps I do have a tendency to Word Splurge... 



Ps. Just so you know, I do tend to overuse ellipses... and it WILL annoy you...also CapITaliSAtIoN for emphasis...You have been warned... :P

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