Sunday, 18 August 2013

How to replace an elastic waistband

There are a couple of reasons why I ADORE my best friend, (she's sweet, kind, funny, generous, always knows what to say and is THE BEST at  shopping (I haven't even gotten started yet)), but the main reason is that she's lets me steal her clothes in return for me making her stuff! WIN!!

Point in case is this minty lace skirt that I pulled out of a draw one day and said the infamous line "Why have I never seen you wear this". THEN I noticed the weird shiny striped elastic waist, since she's an elastic-waist-no-belt kinda gal it was a kinda awkward look. Sooo, in return for us not mentioning the chambray dress that i'm currently wearing, she let me take the skirt and work some crafty magic on it.

This isn't so much a "How to" as a "What I did" (How to do what I did...?) and either way it's super simple.
Equipment needed: 1 skirt with naff elastic, 1 length new elastic, Stitch ripper Sewing machine
Step 1: Unpick naff elastic
Step 2: Cut new (unoffensive) elastic to the same length as the original waistband (Amazingly enough when I went to the fabric store to buy the elastic I found an remnant the EXACT length that i needed!! SCORE!! Plus I saw the same elastic i'd just ripped off the skirt...Awks :/)
Step 3: Sew the elastic ends together (Am i the only one who spent 5 minutes trying to work out which side was the right side?) Then sew the seam allowances down, to neaten it up.
Apparently I didn't think to take any pictures of anything but the really easy parts...sorry :(
Step 4: Mark your elastic into 8ths (divide the length by 8 then mark it on the elastic)
Step 5: Repeat for the actual skirt
Step 6: Pin the two together but ONLY at every marking (start by matching the Centre backs then work outwards
Step 7: Sew the skirt to the elastic stretching as you go (I used a medium length straight stitch and (with the skirt on top) held the two pins either side of the needle to stretch the elastic to the same length as the skirt)
Step 8: TWIRL!!!

It was seriously that easy and done it under an hour, it would've been less if I hadn't been scared shitless that i'd ruin my friend's skirt! (I can't be the only one who cuts corners for herself but has to make things PERFECTLY for others!) On a side note it was my first time actually sewing elastic and although I constantly thought it wouldn't work, and my machine HATED it, it was surprisingly easy! Win! Plus until my friend gets back from France the skirt is all mine! DOUBLE WIN!

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